Owens Corning based Cem-Fil /GRC Modular Toilet


  • Light weight structure
  • Design Flexibility (Modular Design)
  • Easier Transportation (Approx. 23-25 Toilet in one truck load)
  • Resists high wind pressure (~ 150 Km/hr)
  • Easy for installation being precast panels (Can be installed in 3 hrs)
  • Enhance Corrosion Resistance, for longer life


A very large population in India continues to practice open defecation. According to the report prepared jointly by Unicef and WHO globally, India continues to be the country with the highest number of people practicing open defecation. Though significant steps have been taken in the direction of solving this problem, there is still a long way to go to achieve 100% success.

Access to a functional and clean toilet is a fundamental right. Lack of safe, private toilets makes women and girls vulnerable to violence, as they have to wait for darkness to set in. 

The Central and the State Governments are making sincere efforts to achieve 100% toilet coverage in the country. Scarcity of water compounds the problem in many places. This task requires participants to design innovative low cost and easy to maintain sanitary toilets which will require minimum use of water.

With this view in mind, we have developed a Prefabricated Toilet with Precast elements, where all the connections are internally built-in. Only water inlet and a light connection needs to be provided. There is provision to place over-head water tank also for water storage.


  • Frame and Panels are manufactured from RCC using high grade of Concrete
  • Side RCC panels are 30mm thick while the bottom panel is 60mm thick
  • All RCC components are reinforced suitably to promote prolonged use and prevent damage during handling & transportation


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